Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meditations on the Marott Center.

While I continue to iron out the kinks for my own domain version of American Dirt, I want my readership to know when I'm actively contributing to other blogs.  My latest post is up at Urban Indy as of last night.

It focuses on the Marott Center, a hundred-year-old building on Massachusetts Avenue, one of Indianapolis' most desirable urban retail/entertainment corridors.  It just got bought by a new owner, along with its adjacent parking lot.
The building sits on the right of the photo above.  By most assessments, a change in hands is unremarkable.  But the Marott Center has belonged to the law firm of Rubin and Levin since the partners faithfully restored the structure in 1984--a time when Massachusetts Avenue was little more than a derelict skid row.

Rubin and Levin deserve praise for saving the handsome building; if it weren't for their efforts, it could have turned into a parking lot like the one visible to the side of the building in the above photograph.  But a new owner (Gershman Partners) opens a wealth of new opportunities for redevelopment and maximizing the utility of the Marott Center---something it is unclear if Rubin and Lavin did in the latter years of the firm's ownership.

My post at Urban Indy scrutinizes multiple opportunities for building upon the site's intrinsic strengths, so that it can maximize its contributions to the lively commercial corridor upon which it sits.  Only time will tell what the new owners decide to do with the Marott Center, but we can always provide our own input through the blogosphere.  Comments as always are welcomed.