Saturday, March 2, 2013

Browser band-aids.

It has been reported to me now by several sources that some people are having a difficulty reading my blog.  The two problems I hear about most frequently are 1) the text itself is missing from under the titles to each article; 2) the relevant links on the right-hand column don't appear.  Virtually everyone who has approached me with this problem has been using Microsoft Internet Explorer, a browser which currently isn't available to me on the MacBook Pro that I use most of the time.

I am investigating this problem; it seems I'm not the only one using Blogger that has issues with IE browser legibility.  During the time while I am addressing this problem, American Dirt may be offline for a day or two.  As always, I appreciate everyone's comments and feedback and look forward to more in the future--hopefully on a fully-functional blog.  Thanks again.