Saturday, December 8, 2012

A signal to turn.

My apologies for this latest dry spell in postings.  While I am still working on a large essay that has taken me several weeks (actually, over two months) to assemble, I recently took on a new professional assignment that forced me back to 60+ hour work weeks, giving me a lot less time to devote to the blog.  My posts may be a bit less frequent over the next few months, but I won't be retiring any time soon.  While more substantive posts await, I can whet my readers’ appetites with this oddity:

Due to my new assignment, this photo offers a hint of a region that should be featured much more heavily in my blog posts over the next few months.  Yes, it’s my favorite northeastern city, Philadelphia, with its lovably scruffy dysfunctionality in full display.  Check out the signage attached to that vintage street lantern: a lane devoted exclusively to turning right, and yet, immediately below it, another sign strictly forbidding right turns.  While it’s possible that the lower sign forbidding turns is temporary—after all, construction was taking place on the intersecting street—notice in the background and to the right, attached to the traffic light, another sign indicates that the cross street is one way, going only to the left.  Business as usual in Illadelph?  At least this likely act of public sector ineptitude helps foster a friendlier pedestrian environment, albeit unintentionally.