Thursday, October 18, 2012

From bookstore to lobby?

My latest is available now on the possible loss of terrific retail space at the Barnes and Thornburg building  Though it's probably only of local interest, I'll mention it because of its opportunities for great photographs (provided I had a good camera and was a good photographer).  Here's the outside of the building:

And here are a few of the inside:

It's a great space, fronting South Meridian Street in the heart of some of the city's nightlife.  It was last occupied by Borders Books, but closed a few months before the firm went out of business completely, meaning that it has been vacant for about 18 months.  Yet the owners are now thinking of removing it from the lease and instead converting it into a giant lobby.  Admittedly it's an albatross for the owners while it remains unleased and dusty, but won't that shut it out of revenue generation permanently?  I encourage commenter to offer their own thoughts and suggestions for an optimal use of the space.  Read the full details on the Urban Indy website, and thanks as always for reading.