Saturday, September 1, 2012

Photo upgrades.

I routinely snap photos of a landscape with the expectation that I will eventually transform it into a blog topic.  Many times these photographs are spontaneous and lack much foresight.  Because, until recently, I was in Afghanistan living under somewhat challenging conditions, I bought a reasonably cheap but durable camera.  Sometimes the photos I take need to be covert, and this 12-megapixel camera is small.  But it's not the fanciest thing; I sacrifice image quality for subtlety and versatility.  I have taken some great pics from time to time, but most are average and certainly not professional.  Future postings at American Dirt will likely remain under these conditions, where the photos exist to propel or enhance the written analysis.

That said, sometimes the pics have been so ugly or inadequate that they have detracted from the writing.  In these cases, I do my best to find an improvement, and I have succeeded recently and upgrading the photos on two popular blog posts.  I am therefore including these links with the encouragement that my followers either scan them again for superior illustrations, or read them for the first time.

One from June, focused on the attempt to establish a central monument in the small city of Muncie, Indiana, after the central courthouse was demolished several decades ago and replaced with this:
 The full article on this structure, and several other downtown Muncie landmarks, can be found here.

The second article, from July, looked at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, in terms of its engagement with the otherwise bustling High Street.  It proved to be one of my most popular blog entries in over a year, with over 1,500 views.  This Ohio structure featured in this article is visible in the photo below:

A couple new photos, courtesy of Jung Won Kim, have helped to enhance the argument in the blog article, which can be found here.

As always, comments are welcomed.  I do my best to respond to as many as possible; thanks for reading!