Sunday, August 5, 2012

Branching out.

I have recently been invited to post for the blog Urban Indy.  As evidenced by the name, it focuses completely on urban and development considerations in my hometown of Indianapolis.  The writing will be a bit more informational and less analytical than my posts here, and they are far more likely to assume pre-existing knowledge of the community.  (Here at "Dirt", I try to explain and orient my readers as much as possible, since I assume they often aren't familiar with the places that I describe.)

Regardless of the audience for both blogs, I will cross-link whenever I post there, and I suspect that the majority of my Indianapolis-related posts will end up there in some manifestation, even if the intended audience is also here.  My first post at Urban Indy just went up; it explores the background and proposed changes based on the relocation of the city's Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza.  In this case, the site is moving, not only because the current installation is rapidly falling into disrepair, but because the new site aims to be generally more accessible to the public.  The current site, though in a densely populated area, is rarely used, because, at least in part, the urban environment and street design makes basic pedestrian access a real challenge.  Even if it were well-maintained, the intrinsic quality at the park of high-speed vehicles passing by (which endowed it with the visibility that the Bloch family wanted) makes it unappealing for most visitors looking for a place to sit and relax.  Ideally, this shift in location will spur a greater deal of though about the possibilities for development at both locations.  As of yet, the decision to relocate in itself seems reasonably well-thought out, and I do believe it will be a slight, if not, significant improvement.

As always, I look forward to responses, and I am excited about the prospect of serving two different blogosphere communities.