Thursday, April 29, 2010

Removing the gauze.

If you've tuned in the past few days, I've been gradually tweaking the appearance of the blog to give it a bit more personality. This announcement serves as an indicator that I'm finish making these adjustments for now. No doubt I'll alter the appearance again in the future, but too frequent appearance changes only serve to erode the identity. So, this is all for now.

As I approach my tenth month with this blog, I again want to thank the followers, commentors, and general supporters--thanks for helping me stay alive with fresh posts, even as my own workload has grown a great deal. Keep it up, and I intend to keep the dialogue going for many moons.


fisherpdx said...

I really enjoy your entries. I am reading this from Portland and it is a great way to keep up with what is going on in my former hometown, Indy.
It kind of reminds me why I left while at the same time it makes me miss it!

AmericanDirt said...

Thanks for the compliment, fisherpdx. As you've probably noticed, I'm not in Indy anymore either since my blog has taken a southward bent. Though the goal is to encompass a broader geography (and I'm getting there slow), Indy will still be a home base and I will feature it whenever I return. In the meantime, many of the issues I raise in various blog posts should prove relevant across the map.

Rob said...

I like the new look and I always appreciate your thoughtful posts. Your attention to detail in the analyses is excellent. Keep up the good work!