Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oiling the gears.

I've received several notifications from people that some of my posts have had a series technical glitches. None of these have been apparent to me as a Firefox user, but apparently those who use Internet Explorer have found problems with missing text and misplaced sidebars. I believe I have corrected those errors, particularly with the post on a sign at the Louisville waterfront, but I certainly appreciate anyone notifying me if there are additional problems, particularly if there are other legibility issues with other browsers such as Safari. Feel free to write me at'm actually checking pretty regularly these days.

In future weeks I also hope to have the page linked to a reliable RSS feed and blogroll. I am slowly working on improvements to the appearance as well. Bear with me: I'm still new to the blogosphere and did not participate in blogs regularly up to this point.

In addition, I have improved the photos on yesterday's post on strange perimeter fencing. Those previous pics really were awful.

As always, comments, praise, criticism, and ideas for future topics are appreciated!



cdc guy said...

Eric, thanks for investing the time for a fix. It seems to have returned to "normal" on IE.